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Concrete Swimming Pool Plans

Add Instant Value To Your Home With A Concrete Swimming Pool


At 3D Pools, we’re experts at creating concrete swimming pool plans. Our professional design team can help plan design best suited to your property and lifestyle needs. Installing a new concrete pool in your backyard can add instant value to your home. We have been creating aesthetically beautiful pools for many years, using a variety of different designs, layouts and features.  Whether you’re after a plunge style pool, lap pool, resort style or a spa, we can do it. Our experienced team will look after all your swimming pool needs and create the perfect plan that is efficient, professional and within budget. 


3D Pools have extensive experience with pool planning and design ideas. We’re proud to have assisted hundreds of clients in the decision making process, helping them to visualise the ideal pool layout. For many, this can be the most difficult aspect of choosing a swimming pool. Taking a basic idea and getting it down on paper is usually a great start. However, no 2 dimensional drawing can really ever do it justice. You will almost certainly struggle to visualise the finished project as it is intended. Once we get your pool sketch with photos, we’ll supply you with 10-50 high res jpeg images within 5 days. This will usually give you a good indication of what your 3D render pool will look like as the finished product.


For more information on concrete swimming pool plans, please send an email enquiry to and we’ll aim to get back to you within 24 hours.