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Check out what some of the companies we work with say about 3D pools...



"Having known and worked with Justin for many years I have first hand experience with his creative ability in design. Therefore its no surprise to see how he can turn some simple hand drawn sketches and basic photos into 3D.

The value of being able to produce 3D images or video is very exciting for our clients ensuring we can communicate on a clear outcome which manages expectations and budget.  We have no hesitation in recommending Justin and his team".


Matthew Bramley                                                                                                                 Splish Splash Pools logo


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Dear Justin,

In our industry we know there are many salespeople and many builders, but there are only a few artists. What can we say? You truly are the best!

Of the hundreds of entries we received, your design stood out in the demonstration of quality and innovation in the industry, pushing the boundaries of art, architecture, and design. Your design technique created the same level of excitement for us that we are sure your customers feel with every project.

We sincerely thank you for not only bringing out the best in 3D design, but raising the bar for the entire industry. Your contribution to design is a benefit to everyone.



Noah Nehlich - Founder & PresidentStructure Studios logo

Structure Studios, Las Vegas NV -



WINNER - 2012 Innovative New Product of the Year - SPASA NSW


"3D Pools scooped the SPASA NSW Awards by winning the 2012 Innovative New Product Award for their 3D visualisation of swimming pools and surrounds.

The judges were impressed with the objective to turn pool builders' concept sketches into high quality 3D presentations will boost the presentation performance of Pool Builders' sales which in turn will increase their conversion rate.

The judges also liked the fact that 3D Pools helped consumers visualise their dream backyard by transforming architectural 2D drawings into realistic and colourful 3D concepts ensuring they get to see what their backyard will look like well before a design is chosen and construction begins.  Congratulations 3D Pools."


Swimming Pool & Spa Alliance SPASA NSW -



“We have been utilising the services of 3D Pools now for many years, it is an invaluable tool for our organisation.

For our clients it takes the guesswork out of visualising what the end result will be for them. A pool and associated landscaping is an expensive commitment and unlike buying a car etc they can’t touch or feel what they are going to finish up with. With 3D rendering they can visualise it day and night!

We would have no hesitation in recommending the services of 3D Pools, whose ability to interpret a design from a  sketch and photos and turn it into a finished reality within a matter of days never ceases to astound.”


Damien Long                                                                                                                  Premier Pools logo


Premier Pools -



At Fluid Design we have been using 3D renders to present to our clients for 10 years now with amazing results. We found that it has provided our firm a competitive edge and a point of difference in our industry making us a leader in Swimming Pool & Landscape Design.

We recognise that it is very difficult for most people to visualise the design concept in its built form, so presenting the concept in 3D provides our clients a realistic view of their Pool & Garden before any construction begins which is a very powerful tool. We are then confident that everyone is on the same page which is vital for a successful outcome.

I recommend anyone who is creating, designing or building a project whether it be a kitchen, home, swimming pool or landscaping to ask for it to be designed in 3D as it provides WOW factor to clients and certainty that you are meeting their needs.

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Justin Dibble

Principal Designer/Director

Fluid Design -



"WOW Justin....You are so clever! If they don't buy my pool I will eat my hat."

"Thanks Justin, our customers are thrilled with their 3D images they even stated if we'd sent them prior to signing contracts we could have bumped the price up!!"

Often when a customer has a lot of ideas but cannot visualise the finished product we enlist Justin’s help from 3D Pools. With a site plan and a few notes he is able to get some drawings back to me very quickly. We are then able to book another appointment with the client, quite often the following day. The expression on the client’s faces when we present them with the 3D images is priceless!  And furthermore we are usually able to convert on the spot after they have seen their dreams come to life in front of them. For a small cost and very little effort on our part we have a very professional and irresistible presentation.


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Narrellan Pools Brisbane South

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Competition Celebrates Visionary Designers Worldwide For Water-Themed Applications


Global AquaTexture Visionary Awards (GAVA) Recognizing Architects, Pool Builders, Artisans and Designers Worldwide

GAVA: Global AquaTexture Visionary Awards names Justin dibble from Sydney Australia as a GOLD AWARD winner for the 2011 competition during the annual Awards Reception held November 1, 2011 in Las Vegas, Nevada.

GAVA transcends beyond the traditional water-themed design awards by hosting an integrated world-wide competition open to design professionals of all genres dedicated to influencing and creating thought-provoking solutions.

The award salutes the innovative spirit of artisans from every segment of the globe, celebrating diverse concepts from varying cultures, environments and philosophical aspects.

GAVA recognizes artisans globally who’s visions and creativity exemplify the best in AquaTexture; the discipline of designing, engineering and erecting of water environments and ancillary components, in a harmonious nature with consideration to function, space and aesthetics.



Global Aquatexture Visionary Awards GAVA