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How to get started


Simply send us an email enquiry so we can answer any initial questions you may have and we will send you our Design Checklist and Package Price List.




Step By Step Process

  1. Prepare a sketch or design of your project and gather site photos or any other plans you may have as described in our Design Checklist.  Decide which package is right for your project.
  2. Email your prepared documents to
  3. Upon receiving your information an invoice will be emailed to you. 
  4. We will render your project and/or create a 2D CAD plan based on the information you send us.
  5. Your high resolution 3D images will be emailed to you within 2-5 business days depending on size of project and following payment of your invoice.
  6. Download and save the package files onto your Desktop, Laptop or Tablet from the email link provided.
  7. Get ready to WOW your customers with your realistic 3D presentation.

    Its that easy...!


What you get


Select the option that suits your project.


As a Pool Builder you may only require a few 3D images showing the pool and surrounds.  However, as a Landscaper or Designer you may require a 2D CAD plan covering part or all of the property as well as more detailed 3D imagery.  A short fly through movie presentation can also be prepared if you really want to impress your customers. 


We have a range of packaged options to select from, all detailed in our Package Price List.  The choice is yours.


Pool Builders Example Package

From a detailed sketch and some site photos

To this....


Landscape Designers Example Package

From a detailed sketch and/or CAD plan plus some site photos

To this....